Amusement Park Black Roller Coaster Outline Desktop Adorn Photo Frame Display Art Painting Wooden

Creator: Dewey Christopher
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Item specifics
Size Fits 15.2 x 20.2cm (6 x 8 inch) Photos
Actual Frame size (finished size) is 18 x 23cm (7 x 9 inch) and the frame is 2cm wide.
Classification Frame, Wooden, Desktop
Feature Traditionally designed frame with amazing durability. Comes with easy opening tabs at the back for easy access. The frame is provided with wall hooks (portrait and landscape). Polished glass front gives a clear view of your picture and preserves the life of your photo. Extremely carefully packaged to ensure it arrives safely.
Material Het frame is gemaakt van hout. En er is een stuk acryl (PMMA) voor het frame om je foto te beschermen
Package Quantity 1 x Frame

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