Dinosaur Kingdom Love You Dinner Napkins Lunch White Reusable Cloth 2pcs

Brand: 西部恐龙园
Creator: 西部 恐龙园
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Item specifics
Size 47 cm x 47cm (18.5 inch x 18.5 inch) with 1 cm deviation (0.4 inch)
Classification Dinner Napkins
Feature -High quality cotton and linen fabric: optimal softness and longevity.
-Simple image on one side.
-With wave pattern edges.
-Easily folded into for nice table presentations or can wrapped around a set of utensils.
-Large enough to completely cover your lap while dinning.
-Long-lasting and machine washable.
-Great for entertaining at home and will make an excellent addition to any special events, such as large gatherings, banquets, birthdays, restaurants, buffets, wedding, holiday parties.
-Sold 2pcs in set.
Material High quality cotton and linen fabric
Package Quantity 2 x Dinner Napkins

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