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Handbag Casual Shoulder Work Bag Pocket

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Product Code: DIYbag2357867 Availability: In Stock
Product Code: DIYbag2357867
Availability: In Stock
Item specifics
Size 33cm x 40 cm (13 inch x 16 inch)
Classification Bag, Casual, Shopping, Canvas
Feature -High quality polyester
-Simple, slim and fashionable design: suitable for different style clothes matching
-Flexible and soft shoulder straps: comfortable to use and durable for repeated use.
-A small pocket inside the bag for holding your phone, tissues, keys, lipsticks, earphones etc.
-A great gift for both boys and girls in all ages to have outdoor activities, such as camping, dance, hiking, swimming, leisure walking, yoga, travelling and etc.
Material Canvas
Package Quantity 1 x bag


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