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Vinyl Wall Sticker Wallpaper Room Decal

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Brand: DIY thinker Product Code: wall sticker create Availability: In Stock
Brand: DIY thinker
Product Code: wall sticker create
Availability: In Stock
Item specifics
Classification Stickers
Feature -High quality vinyl materials: moisture resistant, pressure resistant and anti-oil.
-Glossy and sleek surface: easy to clean and scratch, dirt and water resistant .
-Simple installation process.
-Never worry about bubbles or creases.
-Easy to remove without damaging surfaces.
-Can be used in a multiple of flat surfaces, such as metal, glass, vehicles, motorbikes laptop, suitcase, notebook, or files, for adding special and new features.
-A nice choice to apply to majority indoor areas, such as schools, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, display windows, exhibitions, for creating your unique interior design styles.
Material High quality vinyl materials
Package Quantity 1 x sticker
Customized Online order tips:
1. Update the picture you want. The picture format should set up as jpg, png, tiff. Etc.
2. Choose the sticker Size (length of longest edge). For example, set the sticker size lengthen as 80cm with 60cm widen, please choose option of the longest edge as 80cm.
3.DIYthinker would choose the printing format according to your picture: The printing formats include colored-printed with white background (only colored as one side), colored-printed with transparent paper (colored for both sides), colored paper sculpture etc..
4. If you have a ai file, please send it to: service@diythinker.com.


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